Frequently Asked Questions

What is an optional private lesson? A student can take one 30 minute private lesson with specialist on his/her instrument. This is an opprortuinty for that specialist to work with your child individually. Lessons are scheduled before or after camp at an additional cost of $35.00 payble at time of registration.

What is the daily schedule of activities? We start the day with an hour of concert band rehearsal, then we break up into classes for the next hour - Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Band, Music Composition, Woodwind Choir or Marching Band Techniques (8th graders only). After that we have sectional rehearsal of the concert band music for approximately forty five minutes. That is followed by a thirty minute lunch and an forty five minute recreation time. At 1:00 we have about an hour of Master Classes and we end the day with another one hour concert band rehearsal.

Sample Camp Schedule

9:00-10:00 Concert Band Rehearsal
10:05-10:50 Classes (Jazz, Composition, WW Choir, Marching Band)
10:55-11:45 Sectionals
11:45-12:15 Lunch
12:15-12:55 Recreation
1:00-1:55 Master Classes
2:00-3:00 Full Band Rehearsal

On the first day of camp, we start with the audition and have the concert band rehearsal afterwards. We don't have sectionals the first day since that time is replaced by the audition. On the last day of camp, we have morning rehearsals and then a series of concerts where the Master Classes, Jazz improvisation, Music Composition and Woodwind Choir students perform for each other. Then after lunch, we have a concert performed by the instructional staff and an ice cream party. We finish the camp at 2:00 with an end of camp concert featuring the Jazz Band and both Concert Bands.

Do you provide large instruments typically provided by schools such as tubas, baritones, tenor sax, bari sax, or bassoon? No we do not. You must make arrangements with your school before the beginning of summer break to rent/use your school instrument over the summer.

If my child used a (smaller) school instrument last year, will Vivace Camp provide a means to rent and instrument for the camp? No. We do not rent instruments. Your options would be to either continue renting the instrument from your school over the summer or going to Music and Arts to rent an instrument from the store. Make sure this is done by the end of the school year as your child will need the instrument to practice the audition requirements in the weeks leading up to the first day of camp.

Are large percussion instruments and auxiliary percussion provided by Vivace Camp? Yes. Bass Drums, suspended cymbals, crash cymbals, gongs, maracas, trap sets, triangles, bells, etc. will be provided. We do ask that all percussion players bring their own snare drum and sticks/mallets to camp each day.

Does the audition determine who participates in camp? All registered children will participate in all activities at camp. The audition helps the instructors learn about your child's playing level and is only for seat placement in one of the bands. The audition also for seat placement in one of the Jazz Bands or Improvisation Class.

Is my only option to register online? While we encourage you to register online because of ease and convenience, you can also mail your registration in by doing the following:

My child is an 8th grader this school year (2016-17). Is he/she still eligible for this camp? Yes, the summer after your child's 8th grade year is the last year of eligibility. We have a special marching class just for 8th graders which will help your child to prepare for his/her summer high school band camp. It will make "rookie" camp much easier! Of course the other classes are available to 8th graders as well.

I am not sure what our summer plans will be. How late will you take late registrations? While we encourage you to register by May 1st to get the discounted price, we will take registrations up until the week before camp. Registrations and payments must be completed online or received by Monday, June 11, 2017. Please make every effort to register by May 1st to aid camp planning. Note: Make sure you go to the audition page at least one month before camp and print out the audition page for your child's instrument so he/she will have enough time to prepare.

Is there a limit to the number of campers you will take at the camp? We have the staff and facilities to accommodate about 120 students. Our camp have been growing steadily every summer. We encourage you to complete registration as soon as possible to assure your child a place.

How do I figure sibling district honor band and all-state band discounts?




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