Description on Camp Classes

Both you and your child should read the class descriptions below to help your decide which class to select. Discuss this and come to a decision before making selection on your registration form. The class is forty-five (45) minutes each morning as part of the day. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a typical camp schedule.

Head Start Marching Band

This class is for 8th graders only. You will learn basic marching moves and positions to give you head start knowledge and practice before your marching band camp at your high school. You will learn different marching styles, instrument placement and sound projection. What an advantage you will have knowing marching fundamentals before your high school band camps. This course is taught by cand experienced marching band director and assisted by college aged students who have been in national award winning marching bands at competitions!

Music Composition

The music composition class is where you learn how to write your own music. We use Noteflight online music writing software. Students will be able to save and print their compositions and have the option to post their compositions on the web on a secure location to share.Students are encouraged to bring their own devices (laptop computer or tablet). We will have desktop computors available at the school.

Have you ever heard a song in your head and wish you knew how to write the music to it? Then this is the class for you. Don't worry. You do not have to have any experience writing music as this class will take you from the beginning. However, if you do have experience, just pick up from where you are and improve your skills.

Objective: To write or enter on computer program basic music notation on a five line staff, both pitch and rhythms.

Objective: To understand the playable range of the instrument you play according to your level of expertise and write a playable composition fitting that criteria.

Objective: To perform original composition at end of camp concert. Don't worry, you volunteer to play only if you want to. You do not have to perform your composition if you choose not to.

Woodwind Ensemble

This class is for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone players only. This class gives you the opportunity to learn woodwind choir (ensemble) literature and learn the finer points of blend, balance and intonation issues unique to a woodwind instrument. The class will perform selections on the end of camp concert.

Jazz Improvisation/Jazz Band

The Jazz Improvisation Class is open to players of any instruments that wish to learn the basics of jazz improvisation, Improvisation means to perform a musical line over a background part without the part written out. In other words, you make of the music as you go performing on your instrument. You will learn basic jazz rhythms scales and chord progressions and a framework for learning how to improvise. You do not need any experience in improvisation to participate in this class.

Objective: Study an perform basic jazz blues scales

Objective: Study and perform basic jazz rhythms

Objective: Study and perform at least one of the following jazz styles - Swing, Latin or Jazz Rock.

Objective: Have the opportunity to improvise on the end of camp concert if you volunteer and are selected.

One or two traditional Jazz Bands will also be formed if there is enough instrumentation and interest. Participation will be determined by the same beginning of camp audition scores and instrumentation needs. A traditional jazz band consists of the following instrumentation:

Note: Auditions will not be necessary for Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar or Piano unless multiple students are interested in performing in the Jazz Band on those instruments. All students who are interested in jazz will either be placed in the jazz band or jazz improvisation class. No student interested in jazz will be left out of a jazz class.

Typical Camp Schedule

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